About Me

Behx@d Ra$$ul

Name BehX@d
Your nick name: buzzzz lol?•
birthday: Sept 12th (best day of the year
Place of Birth: PAKISTAN
single or taken: single
sex: male
siblings: 3 including myself and a younger bro n sis each
height:around 5' 8"
Righty or Lefty: righty

who are your best or really close friends? Jst a few
do you have a girlfriend: u mean to ask only one?  haha

where is your favorite place to shop: no particular place
any tattoos or piercing: nops

do you do drugs?: Naaaah!!
what are you most scared of?: ALLAH!
who is the last person that called you?: a friend ov mine I guess
where do you want to get married?: tough question
what would you change about yourself?: friends say I talk a little fast

color: sky blue
food: desi like chicken biryani, zinger n pizza
hobbies: Itna time nahi milta,

given anyone a bath?: abhee noubat nahi ai
smoked: Yup...once only!
bungee jumped?: nope....
ever been in love?: Maybe!
made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Nope
pictured a crush naked? shud i tell everything here...no way :p
actually seen a crush naked? comon have a heart...do i look like this
cried when someone died?: YES only once, wen a very cloz friend ov died in a plane crash.... long live SHERRY
lied: Never (lol)
fallen for your best friend?: Maybe!!
been rejected?: Ummmmmmmm yup
rejected someone?: yup im guilty ov doing it
used someone?: I don’t think so!!!
used by someone?: quite a lot ov times

clothes: teez n trouserz
music: depends largely on mood
desktop picture: changing wallpaper
book you’re reading: i feel sleepy reading books
in DVD player: some indian movie

understanding: Oh yes!!!
open-minded: Ummmmmm quite a bit
insecure: some what
interesting: Yup!
hungry:not really
smart: oo thnxx for the compliment
moody: more than required
hard working: people say i am not...i dont agree with them
organized: yess
healthy with eating: yup
shy: too much when i was a kid, but still hav got these germs
attractive: thnxx again
bored easily: nop
messy: nop

In the morning i am: Still sleepy
love is: yup ive heard love is blind
i dream about: sotay mein tou bohat draunay dreamz atay hein

what do you notice first: eyes
makes you laugh the most: Myself
makes you smile: being witty
who do you have a crush on: recently Anushka Sherma :p
who has a crush on you: i wish she also has
Cute or Sexy: mostly cute
Lips or Eyes: both
Hugs or Kisses: Kisses-----MUAH but i luv huggsss
Short or Tall: Tall but short is cutee sumtimes dependin on tha gal
Easygoing or serious: both but mostLy easygoin
Romantic or Spontaneous: BoThh
Sensitive or Loud: sensti
Hook-up or Relationship: no more relationships
Sweet or Caring: bothh

sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to you?: im a psycho but not to that extent :p
wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: no way... y should i??
wish you were younger: who sayz im old

still need to know more ABOUT ME??

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